Paint Techniques:

Whether you are a Developer, Builder or Architect wanting to give your new complex, new building or innovative design, the advantage of uniqueness and professionalism it is a well-known fact that people buy with their eyes. Halina is adept and has the knowledge to apply various decorative and specialized paint techniques to interior and exterior surfaces; in the most cost effective way and without compromising quality. 

Below are the specialist effects we offer businesses and residential:

Wood, Furniture and Decorative Finishes
-    Staining
-    Liming
-    Cracked Leather
-    Weathered (distressed)
-    Dragging
-    Antiquing
-    Gilding (gold, silver and copper)
-    Stencilling
-    Distressing
-    Oxidising
-    Pickling
-    Speckling/Spattering
-    Varnishing 

Concrete and Metal Finishes
-    Sandstone
-    Weathered Terracotta
-    Rust
-    French Metal
-    Stucco
-    Sandstone
-    Weathered terracotta
-    Liming
-    Rust
-    Verdigris

Wall Finishes

-    Stucco
-    Pavilion Stripes
-    Colour wash
-    Ragging off
-    Dragging
-    Chemical sponging
-    Palazzo (marble effect)
-    Organza Parchment
-    Linen
-    Frottage (Aged stone)
-    Leather Finish (Crack)
-    Regular paint work: Interior, exterior and boundary walls 


Mentoring Programme:

My services also include a “Mentoring Programme” enabling you to bring your own products (limited to manageable articles) and paint them in the technique of your choice under my guidance.

This will enable you to gain experience in applying various techniques over a 5 day period (20 hours - 4 hours per day).  Alternatively individual days (4 hours per day) can be arranged for smaller projects.

I will also mentor manufacturing staff responsible for applying paint techniques to the products you manufacture be it kitchen cupboards, interior/exterior contemporary furniture, decorative pieces etc. over a five day period.  This will provide them with the necessary skills to produce highly sought after products.

(Pricing for this varies from R500 to R1200 per day).

Please contact Halina on 082-516 7248 or email