Inspired by arts and crafts presented to us, or the great paint techniques you have seen in someone else’s interior or on television, you might decide to give your home or business a fresh, modern look. 

These specialised training courses give you full insight and knowledge into basic and advanced paint techniques.  During these interactive workshops, which are a lot of fun, students will acquire the skills to decorate their homes or even start a lucrative career as a decorative artist.  These courses are filled with information which covers the basics, from the preparation of walls and furniture, to the most advanced techniques, including glazing and varnishing methods. 

I am able to present hands on training during these workshops


Wood, Furniture & Decorative (Day 1):

-    Basic Principles and safety measures
-    Surface preparations
-    Staining
-    Liming
-    Dragging
-    Antiquing
-    Cracked effect
-    Leather finish
-    Weathered wood
-    Varnishing

Walls (Day 3): 

-    Basic principles and safety measures
-    Preparation of walls
-    Chemical sponging
-    Colour washing
-    Dragging
-    Ragging
-    Palazzo

 Metal and Concrete (Day 5):

-    Preparation
-    Stucco
-    Sandstone
-    Weathered terracotta
-    Liming
-    Rust
-    Verdigris

Wood, Furniture & Decorative (Day 2):

-    Gilding
-    Stencilling
-    Antiquing
-    Distressing
-    Oxidising
-    Patinas
-    Pickling
-    Speckling


Walls (Day 4): 

-    Aged stone and Frottage
-    Organza parchment
-    Pavilion stripe
-    Stucco
-    Weathered and aged leather